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Advantages of Dr Paul′s HAIR FAST

  • It is an extensively researched & intensively tested treatment that has received huge appreciation from all International bodies of Dermatology & Hair.
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, etc, are used in appropriate proportion for hair re-growth.
  • Doses are measured & no interference between nutrients that affect results. So results are maximum & satisfactory.
  • The ingredients improve the general health, metabolism & other biological factors.
  • Better internal health conditions, enhanced results.
  • Results of every patient is closely monitored by the advisory board of Dr Paul’s institute of Advanced Studies & Research comprising of the most renowned names Nationally & Internationally.
  • Separate gender specific nutrients are used to have appropriate combination for better results.
  • All combinations are researched, tested & developed by us that maintains the authenticity & quality of the treatment.
  • Hair roots are not only brought to growth phase but strengthened to the maximum preventing shop loss of Hair.
  • This treatment is so effective that International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, USA, recommends for pre & post use even in Hair transplantation.