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Introducing HAIR FOLLICULAR ACTIVITY STIMULATING THERAPY (HAIR FAST) World’s First Hair Regrowth Treatment Effective
in all types hair loss Irrespective of Causes.


You safely play blind when it’s HAIR FAST!

Just 1 fine reason, eminent dermatologists and transplant surgeons around the world trusted and appreciated the research and the result behind.

Introducing World’s First Hair Regrowth Treatment Effective in all Hair Loss Irrespective of Causes

Hair Follicular Activity Stimulating Therapy ( HAIR FAST)

Research appreciated and published in World Dermatology Conference Reports, ISHRS USA, JCAS Journal and translated in several international languages.

100% Result Oriented

HAIR FAST is the first treatment in the world, researched and developed to secure the fastest hair regrowth irrespective of the hair loss causes by regulating proper hormone level and providing balanced hair nutrition in a perfect combination cyclically, where no ingredients interfere with the action of any other. This ensures the efficiency of biological & metabolic processes which convert hair roots from fall phase to growth phase. Hair fast has no adverse side effect. Results are even faster when combined with HAIR GF Therapy (HAIR GFT).